How do we return to our busy lives after the coronavirus pandemic?

COVID-19 Series - Post 3

"How do we go back to our non-stop schedules after the Corona Virus pandemic and do we have to?'

This is the question on many of our minds while things are slowly returning to normal. While this is great news, many of us can feel reluctant to endure yet again significant change shifting back to how it was, when many of us have just gotten used to our new lifestyles in isolation.

During this standstill period, we have grown to notice and appreciate the simpler things. The thought of going back to that hectic way of living can be quite upsetting for some.

After all, it has been a time where families had time to bond and parents could become fully involved in their children’s lives and education. A time where we replaced our usual taxi loop with being active, playing games, cooking or watching movies. Most importantly, it has been a time where we made the most of everything we have and less about everything we want.

For some of us, we may have realised during this period just how busy our lifestyle actually was, perhaps too busy for our own good. We may now notice the magnitude of tasks or jobs we typically take on that are not necessities but that we simply persist with to fill a spare hour or two. This is because we become fixated in our high-stress and diary-filled lifestyles that we usually don’t stop to consider how life can be any different.

Until something stops us in our path, as this global pandemic has, we can fail to see even the most practical lifestyle options available to us that can bring balance and peace back into our lives and provide us with a sense of work-life balance.

While we all have different interpretations of what work-life balance looks like, whatever it may be to you, do not let this new perspective slip away as we all gradually return to the norm. Instead, identify where you can continue to take time out for the things truly important to you outside of your work environment.

So how can you do this?

We recommend you come up with at least 4 categories of value in your life. Then, create a list identifying your core priorities within each of those categories. Be sure to focus on each area separately as it will help you develop an awareness of which aspects need more attention than others.

Some of these categories may include:

- Social & family relationships

- Money & personal finances

- Career & educational aspirations

- Physical health & recreational leisure

- Life’s routine responsibilities

- Society contributions

- Mental, emotional & inner wellbeing

Once you have constructed your list, put in place an operational goal that will aim at fulfilling one priority from each of your life value categories. Implement these goals as your schedule returns to what it was before the pandemic, and yes you will have to make some changes, but it will be worth it.

And don't forget to make your goals achievable, measurable, time-based!